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VICHARA⚡️// Self study and inquiry to my inner thoughts and beliefs....not allowing my ego to take over and tell me I can’t or that I’m not going to be good enough.... I just got in there, gave it a go- no judgement, no inner critic, and a whole heap of compassion 😆 Turns out on the other side of that ego wall is a truck load of smiles, happiness and satisfaction ! 💪🤙 Thanks @dbrownyoga for having me along for the ride 😉🙏 #addictedtotheroll #jujitsu #bjj #ciapaulista #believe #illbeback

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GRATITUDE⚡️// Lifting the cloud of hurt and pain by turning all expectations into gratitude, finding the goodness within every moment, finding the joy that comes with forgiveness. 💙 📷 🙏 @dbrownyoga #thisisyoga #forgiveness #opentheheart #shine #yoga #beachyoga #gratitude

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METTA⚡️// Working on cultivating a metta mindset, through breath, loving kindness meditation and some basic self care! Sending out all the positive vibrations and mantra to all the challenging people in my life- including myself 😆 May I be happy, may I be safe, may I be free from all pain and suffering - this is the path to forgiveness and light within. No longer will I stay enduring the pain. I will be free. 💛 #yoga #metta #immeasurables #yogaeverydamday #love #freedom #compassion

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ASTEYA ⚡️// I’ve noticed feelings of overwhelm creeping in the last few weeks. As life begins to get busier and busier, kids, work , play- how to fit it all in? When do I sleep??? I realised that I have been making these feelings worse by focussing on how I wish I had more time, or wish this and that..... in turn STEALING from that present moment! I had chosen to ride the crazy can’t concentrate 😧 what do I do next 😲 wave - rather than breathing and being grateful for the time I have right now. Grateful for every snuggle 😉 every opportunity and grateful for the space I can choose to create. Using this calm to guide me to the right next task to focus on. No more stealing, loads more gratitude ❤️✨ when things get crazy find a new perspective ⚡️ thanks for the 📷 @dbrownyoga 🙏 #handstands #yogaeverydamnday #myhappyplace #perspective #asteya #limbsofyoga

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_alimayfield. GREEN 💚 // I’m craving a little extra goodness in my life and really

GREEN 💚 // I’m craving a little extra goodness in my life and really making an effort to go green in the morning ..... I won’t lie- I’m a sucker for coffee straight up 😬 but hey, it’s a new moon and so here goes to a new self care ritual after my Saucha and lemon water in the morning. Thanks @balancedbynature for the support as always. 🙏💚😘 #greensmoothie #hidethecoffee #coffeeaddict #timetonourish #wintercare #wellness #nutrition

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Skate park yoga 🤣 breezy mid-sections , some imperfect perfect yoga poses and (most importantly) smiles all round 😁 come join me tonight @bossgym for more smiles and some lovin’ for those tight hamstrings 😉 #strengthweek #bossgym #yoga #looktothestars #friyay ❤️

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SANTOSHA// so drawn to this Niyama today, going deep into what this means to me, how my thoughts can effect this, “complete acceptance”. This was all before I got to class and the theme was based around SANTOSHA, ahhh meant to be. Love it. ❤️ 🙏 Thanks so much @warrioroneyoga and @sarahmertzger for hosting an amazing afternoon. #epicsavasana #asanaaddicts

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LOVE // having some imperfect perfect yoga moments between bmx , slides and swings. My heart is always bursting with the innocence and pure mindfulness that kids can bring- along with many other qualities 🤪 but the love is just so damn good. #squishybabes #yogaeverydamnday #family #kidsyoga #sunshineandyogaposes ☀️❤️🙏😋 Thanks @leighmalcolmson for letting us boss you around 😉 📷

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MOVEMENT // Take whatever you can get, it’s all good! 😂....come move and flow with me tonight at @bossgym 5.30 Vinyasa 👌🧘‍♀️ ✨ #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #moveyourbody #kidsyoga #bossgym

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TRUST // Listening to my heart, it guides me where I need to be. I will no longer shy away in fear for the unknown, embracing my ideas and intuition as realistic options and knowing that I am worthy of living the life I have always dreamed of. #yoga #backyardyoga #legwarmers #yogaeverydamnday #yogalife #followyourintuition #thisismyjourney #alimayfield #alimayfieldyoga

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_alimayfield. Here I am. My heart shining and my smile is bright. I’m so proud!  A l

Here I am. My heart shining and my smile is bright. I’m so proud! A little over a year ago I had a feeling that I was going to love that place they were building in Mordi- @warrioroneyoga . I had no idea what I was about to embark on, the journey of Yoga!! 150 classes and a 200YTT later, here I am! So grateful for everyone I’ve met in the journey , my beautiful tribe and grateful for those who have supported me through., especially my family and babes @leighmalcolmson . Thanks to @amymiljko for reminding me to fill my own cup and taking me to the very first lesson we trialled together. Thanks to @monica_yoga for getting us hooked. This list could go on and on , so for now, I love you all 🙏 Thank you Yoga. 🥰 For making me a better person and showing me the way to true happiness. 🧘‍♀️💜

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_alimayfield. Winter sun rays and afternoon plays 😜 my first yoga photo as an offic

Winter sun rays and afternoon plays 😜 my first yoga photo as an official yoga teacher 😁 🧘‍♀️ // 📷 thanks to my 7 year old son 🥰 #yogalife #sunshine #love #handstands #progressions #yogaeverydamnday

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CONNECTION ✨ LOVE ✨ PASSION ✨ such an incredible experience to share the last 6 months with my tribe, all the shared vulnerability, the tears, the laughter and the hugs. Learning about our passion and growing as humans. Getting to know people at such a deep core level , such a unique experience and one that I will hold close to my heart forever. So grateful to my teachers @dbrownyoga and @monica_yoga , for being amazing humans, incredible teachers and for sharing a wealth of knowledge with so much passion - always inspiring 🙌🙏💙 I am so proud of the journey and so happy to call each and every one of these people a true friend. My tribe- I love you. @rayneosteo @belindacecchini @jessica__rico @ko_yoga @dottsiavis @mzcotton @jaimeemarino friends 4 Eva @natcommons @namaskar_retreats #ytt200 #yogateachers @warrioroneyoga #passion @iam_summerjasmine #followyourdreams #love 🥰

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The journey is completely yours, whatever blows your hair back and gives you the biggest smile is the way to go.... listen to your heart and love will lead the way. 💙 #yogaeverydamnday #mypassion #babesofyoga @rachmellicanyoga 🙌🙏🥰

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Diving into the last few days of prep before my final YTT sesh this weekend! so grateful for this journey, so excited for assessment fun 🧘‍♀️ Super pumped for whatever is to come 💛 following my heart and listening to my intuition is leading me to true happiness. I’m worthy of this!I’ve arrived. Ishvara Pranidhana- this is it! Let’s celebrate 😁🎉😁🎉😁 Namaste 🥰✨ thanks @rachmellicanyoga always inspirational 💛 #diverspose #yogaeverydamnday #babesofyoga #shivaiseverywhere #ytt200 #love #followyourpassion #warrioroneyoga

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Happy Yoga Day!! So grateful to have yoga in my life, and all the amaziness that it brings. 😁🧘‍♀️😁💛 #yogaday2019 #yogaeverydamnday #babesofyoga ✨ so much 💛 for these two babes @katiemellican @rachmellicanyoga 🥰

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“Whatever blows your hair back” This ones for you @rayneosteo ⚡️ This gorgeous heart opener thanks to @rachmellicanyoga 💛 #dowhatfeelsgood #yogaeverydamnday #openyourheart

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SANTOSHA⚡️ So grateful for the practise and all that it brings to my life. This feeling of contempt is bliss. #yogateachertraining #yogaeverydamnday #shivaiseverywhere 🙏 @katiemellican - so much 💕

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