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Sending you the most positive energy for this upcoming year. Happy New Year from all of us at #525W52nd! 📸: @theknicknyc

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The festivities are not over yet. Keep the joy at full speed by stopping by @blacktapnyc which serves up some of the most Instagram-worthy milkshakes the city has ever seen. #525W52nd 📸: @blacktapnyc

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Every inch of #525W52nd gives you the perfect opportunity to get creative.

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Here’s us wishing you a holiday full of merriment. Happy Holidays from all of us at #525W52nd! 📸: @theknicknyc

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Well hello there, Hell's Kitchen. Look at you shining bright today. #525W52nd 📸: @w42st

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There's always room for flare when it comes to art and design. Luckily, #525W52nd gives you the perfect canvas for the latter.

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Tucked away in the bustling neighborhood of #525W52nd is the MAD (Museum of Arts and Design), where art speaks volumes. 📸: @sugarfreeology / Art by Cauleen Smith

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Bright and airy workspaces bring more ideas to life. #525W52nd

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There is a quiet elegance in the spacious, high-ceiling rooms of #525W52nd, and that's something we can definitely get on-board with.

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Sing it with us: "It's beginning to look a lot like..." #525W52nd 📸:@nissibissi

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Windy Central Park is still one of the most beautiful things you will ever experience in New York City. #525W52nd 📸:@heatherdurhamphotography

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Presenting your new go-to spot (and we're here to make sure it stays that way). #525W52nd

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Thanksgiving is over. Time to get back on the grind. #525W52nd 📸: @oge_anozie

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Your comfortable space, ready to welcome you back home after this long Monday. #525W52nd

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Romance during the first snowfall in New York City. This is the type of warmth we wish you today. #525W52nd 📸:@firethecanon

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The calm from up top during the rush-hour. At times like this, it's nice to come home to a place like #525W52nd. 📸:@humzadeas

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The full force of Fall is finally in New York City. Who loves this season as much as we do? #525W52nd 📸: @emily_luciano

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@taboonnyc offers some delicious #Middleterranean eats by Chef Efi. The best part? It's right in the neighborhood. #525W52nd 📸:@imjaebird

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