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Romance during the first snowfall in New York City. This is the type of warmth we wish you today. #525W52nd 📸:@firethecanon

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The calm from up top during the rush-hour. At times like this, it's nice to come home to a place like #525W52nd. 📸:@humzadeas

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The full force of Fall is finally in New York City. Who loves this season as much as we do? #525W52nd 📸: @emily_luciano

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@taboonnyc offers some delicious #Middleterranean eats by Chef Efi. The best part? It's right in the neighborhood. #525W52nd 📸:@imjaebird

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It's been a gloomy day in NYC today. End those Monday blues right away by coming home to a sight like this. #525W52nd

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Hell's Kitchen is charming, stunning, and everything we love about a neighborhood. #525w52nd 📸:@get_tiggy_wit_it

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No one does Halloween better than NYC. Are you ready for tonight's spooky festivities? #525w52nd 📸:@newyork_instagram

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The #525w52nd truly lit up during the 525 Session's first installation 'Subway Series', where artists who transformed the NYC subway music scene came together to give 525's residents and guests a dazzling performance. #525W52nd

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Wishing you all a wonderful Friday filled with good food and great conversations with the people that matter to you the most (Tip: @serafinanewyork is a good place to start). #525w52nd 📸:@serafinanewyork

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The perfect place to let your creativity come alive. #525w52nd

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Warm meets cool on this breezy Monday, brought to you by @thejollygoat. 📸: @thejollygoat #525W52nd

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All glammed up for this Friday night. Enjoy the weekend in style! 📸: @thesmartfashionistas #525w52nd

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Spice up your work space by adding pops of vibrant color. Is it safe to say we’re excited to work now? #525w52nd

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There is no better way to spend an overcast Monday than exploring the @madmuseum. This week only, from October 16-18, visitors can see the @annalindbergstudio installation 'The Eye's Level.' 📸: @madmuseum #525W52nd

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Sometimes it's nice just to stay in, especially when this is where you're staying. #525w52nd

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The weather may be gloomy, but the food and drinks at @theharrownewyork are sure to brighten your day. 📸: @brittamattwinston #525w52nd

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Timeless and chic, you can never go wrong with black and white decor. #525w52nd

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Relaxing and catching up on some reading this weekend. Any book recommendations? #525w52nd

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